Our Mission

Biz Advisory Consulting is committed to helping you succeed! We empower our partners with solutions so they can grow and be successful in their business.

Shawn Wilson

Sales & Marketing | Business Development | Communications 

As CEO and Founder of Biz Advisory Consulting, my goal is to make a difference in the lives of my clients by helping them reach their business goals. I am a creative thinker with over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, business development, and communications. I have successfully worked with many large-scale, high-profile companies and small to mid-size businesses to improve their overall performance and competitive advantage.

I believe that business is about people. I believe in transparency and empowering teams with knowledge. As such, my approach to business is people-centric, relationship-driven, and empowering teams with the ability to make decisions.

I help companies achieve success through sustainable long-term growth. I specialize in assisting companies in growing their customer base and increasing profitability through sales, marketing, and communication strategies that produce immediate results while identifying long-term growth opportunities for your company’s success. I focus on partnering with businesses to drive their vision forward by helping them set goals, identify resources needed, create timelines for milestones, and measure success against those goals.

With a diverse background, I’ve established myself as an expert in many areas, including Business Development, Communications, and Sales & Marketing. I am an entrepreneur passionate about helping small to mid-size companies grow. You can count on me to bring fresh ideas, new perspectives, and a collaborative attitude into play when working towards your goals.


As a contributing writer, my work has been featured in various publications, including Loving Our Town and Old City Magazine. My business column is published monthly in Old City Magazine, based out of St. Augustine, Florida, where I offer tips for running a successful small business, emphasizing creative solutions to common problems entrepreneurs face today.

Jim Wilson

Chief Operating Officer

Business Consultant | Executive Leadership | Multi-Channel Sales | Sales and Marketing Strategy | Operations

I am passionate about helping clients reach their highest potential by leveraging my 25+ years of leadership and sales expertise. My strategic approach to problem-solving empowers high-performing teams that consistently outperform the competition to accomplish even the most ambitious objectives.

With 25 years at the helm of strategic leadership, I have a knack for spurring company growth, leading acquisition integrations and optimizing ROI. My expertise spans client relations, operations strategies & financial budgeting/forecasting, high-performance teams & project management. At key organizations such as Husqvarna, I’ve injected energy into processes with smart solutions that propel progress while earning recognition from colleagues along the way, thanks to my strong communication aptitude and analytical abilities.

Expertise Includes:
Sales & Marketing

  • Develop and Execute Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • Develop Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Develop and Execute Customer Engagement, Lead Generation and Sales Programs
  • Develop and Manage Sales and Marketing Departmental Goals and Budget
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators and Track the Performance of
  • Marketing Conversion Rates
  • Monitor Competition, Identify Opportunities, and Develop Counter Strategies
  • Analyze Market Trends and Customer Feedback to Identify Areas of
  • Improvement in Product Offerings and Sales Tactics
  • Coaching and Mentoring Teams to drive High-Performance and Transparency
  • Certified in Predictive Index – Best Hiring Practices
  • Sales Channel Strategies
  • Sales Performance and Measurements
  • Social Media
  • Deep Analysis – Competitive Analysis and SWO

Business Development – Strategy and Execution

  • Identifying Target Markets and Identifying Needs
  • Establishing a Value Proposition – Customer-Centric Solutions
  • Develop Marketing and Sales Plans that Detail Tactics and Channels for Acquiring New Business
  • Develop Pricing Strategies that Drive Business Growth
  • Set Objectives and Track Results (KPI Development and Execution, Track/Measure Goals vs. Performance)
  • Track and Measure Customer Satisfaction (Customer Feedback & Surveys and Customer Loyalty Programs)

Interim Leadership Management Roles

  • Fulfill absentee position – Medical or transitional positions
  • Support positions necessary for growth the organization – Acquisitions or new product launches
  • Resource to get things done
  • Oversee Change Management


  • Process Mapping
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Employee Time Studies

Corporate Finance

  • Plan, Source, and Management of Funds – Enabling Organizations to Achieve Strategic and Operational Goals
  • Calculating Risk Management, Debt Capacity, and Making Financial Projections
  • Cash Flow Improvement
  • Financial Dashboards and Analysis
  • Profit and Loss Analysis

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